Theatrical Shoes

MENKES produces your design and travel to any part of the world to try the pieces

From a simple pre-Roman sandal to an elegant embroidered 18th-century half boot, from a graceful ballet shoes to fancy footwear for Drag Queen, the recreation of any theatrical shoes painstaking historical and scenary research, combined with a mastery of materials and specific techniques. Moreover, when shoes are designed for theater, the accuracy of recreation should ally with qualities of strength and endurance that enable it to meet the demands of constant use on the stage.

Proud of its long history in the sector, in which it has played a pioneering role, MENKES Fashion House continues to design and produce footwear corresponding to every period. Drawing on an extensive reference library, MENKES responds to the challenge of theatrical fiction with the highest degree of artisanship. With each assignment our team of professionals demonstrates its mastery of this demanding specialists field.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the processes of treating and aging leathers and other materials, the techniques of strengthening and manipulating of the articles, and all the subtle ways in which wear can be avoided without prejudice to the conception of the designer or the latter’s aesthetic aims.

Therefore, MENKES can guarantee the historical accuracy, comfort and hard-wearing characteristics of each and every of the articles it makes.

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