For MENKES, every client counts, and in every assignment it pursues the same quest for excellence. Whether the task is to dress a lead ballet dancer, a top singer or thirty opera extras, every garment and every shoe is made to satisfy the same demands of quality..

Quality, experience, accuracy, craftsmanship and the commitment to listen to the client: solid professionalism married with a human touch that, over the course of time, has attracted leading names from all over the world and has secured the loyalty of clients such as the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and the Lido in Paris.

If in the 1950’s Ava Gardner, Vivien Leigh, Xavier Cugat and other famous Hollywood stars used to frequent the Madrid store accompanied by Dominguín, an enthusiastic friend of the fashion house, in the present day top performers continue to grace MENKES with their glittering presence as clients, including Joaquín Cortés, Nacho Duato, Michael Douglas, Marta Sánchez and Bibiana Fernández, to name but a few.

Schools of dancing such as the María de Ávila School, sports organisations such as the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, and theme parks of the standing of Port Aventura and Terra Mítica, among others, rely on MENKES for the design, preparation or complete production of those period or contemporary costumes that they may require, be they typical or fancy; those heavenly, yet hard-wearing tights, that extremely delicate garment, or those ingenious creations that convert an actor into a legendary figure.