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flamencoMenkes has been a Manufacturer and Distributor of flamenco items since 1950. With a wide variety of prices, models and a wide range of colours, we have the biggest variety in shawls, peinetas, Spanish fans, skirts...+

advertising mascots

mascotas publicitariasIn close collaboration with creators from the advertising world, art directors and costume designers for theme parks, cinema and television, we design and make special costumes to measure for all kinds of performances, shows and events.... +

tailoring for the theatre

sastreria teatralOur professional team of pattern-makers, cutters, dressmakers, tailors and designers make all orders and in-house creations to measure in our own workrooms, or on the premises of the theatres when the size of the project or the preferences of the client so require. Upon request, we can also provisionally adapt our premises for the exclusive production of a wardrobe... +


tiendas MenkesAll of our national and international stores ... +

fancy dresses

muñecos publicitariosA wonderful world of fancy dresses of all ages and styles... +

fantasy for dragqueens

muñecos publicitariosProvocation begins with your feet; imagination ask for audacity and y concieve pieces that go beyond... +

alquiler danza ritmica



  .rhythmic gymnastics


special shoes


 the story of a passion

Founded in 1950, Menkes is a Spanish traditional Enterprise of tailor’s shops, fabrication of shoes and clothes, such as flamenco skirts, flamenco shoes, flamenco shawls, flamenco fans, costumes for children and adults, publicity pet mascots or mascots and all kinds of clothing for dance and theatre. Menkes also offers services of hiring suits, wedding dresses, assorted dressed up clothes custom-made and rent of all sort of clothes for television programs. Menkes is a rythmics gymnastics items distributor, as well as made-to-measure shoes for all kind of events and artistic activities.

This family enterprise of great reputation in Spain, looks after the goal of searching with each one of its products its better quality. As an example, the flamenco items, as shoes, are one of its biggest specialty, as well as its exceptional flamenco skirts or incredible shawls and flamenco fans.

Menkes also produces costumes for children and adults of all kinds and you can find there a variety of Carnival costumes, for Halloween, prom parties, Christmas or the traditional Epiphany in Spain, including accessories, hen parties or publicity mascots.

Menkes offers a whole world of clothing possibilities made with experience and love for three generations. Menkes has no competitors in the fabrication of shoes, handmade shoes for each occasion, whether it is for theater or dancing shoes, as well as platforms and Drag queen’s platforms.

Menkes has stores all over Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Sevilla, A Coruña, Murcia, Valencia, Mataró and Zaragoza), one in Paris, France, and one in New-York, United States. As a matter of fact Menkes covers with success all its products in all the variety of areas as far as we can imagine: starting from the production of a whole prom party clothes for example, as well as the fabrication of clothes for a Carnival, as the one for Tenerife in Spain.

Menkes is a place that can be trusted, its tradition and experience in Spanish clothes cannot be compared. Its flamenco skirts and flamenco shoes, costumes for children or theatre costumes have no competitors; that is why the best distributors in the world trust Menkes.


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